The first time I did my IELTS, I worked a lot in the different parts but found it really hard to prepare the writing test because felt like I needed a second person to tell me if I was going on the right direction or not.

I took the exam and got great grades in all parts except the writing (I needed at least a 7 and got a 6.5).

I decided to invest a little bit of money and pay for your writing preparation course since a friend of mine recommended me your website and after the teacher’s feedback I was able to learn from my mistakes and managed to get a 7!

So I am very happy I got extra help from ASIELTS.COM


The AS IELTS tutors gave accurate feedback and properly pointed out flaws for Speaking and Writing . I got a band 7 in speaking and 6.5 in writing thanks to their help.

For beginners, they can help you improve your scores, and for advance users, they can properly gauge your scores so you can know if you need more work to do.

Definitely one of the best value writing and speaking IELTS packages out there!


Pass*ed*IELTS after subscribing to ASIELTS!!!

Before I subscribed to ASIELTS my scores were L-7, R-7.5, S-7, W-6.5. My current score is L-8.5, R-7.5, S-7.5, W-7.Here is my story. I was badly looking for some genuine writing correction service who will be able to point out the basic mistakes which halted me at W-6.5.

While casually browsing through, I found AS IELTS and it sounded genuine with affordable packages. I subscribed mainly for speaking and writing, but the listening and reading exercises were helpful as well.

In my IELTS Express package, I was provided with 4 writing corrections and 2 online speaking mock tests. Let me start with Speaking sessions.

ASHOK, who was my tutor took the speaking mock sessions and I was astonished to see her making notes of the mistakes that I made and the possible corrections/improvements within such a short time. She was so helpful in improving my band score from 7 to 7.5 in speaking.

For writing, I got detailed feedback on the articles, punctuation mistakes and other basic mistakes which we tend to do in casual writing. I took the feedback on board to improve and could score 7 in writing from 6.5.

Many thanks to the AS IELTS team for their support and I wish all other AS IELTS students best of luck!


I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to ASIELTS, especially to Ashok and Laxmi. I had my first IELTS attempt in August and got these scores: Reading – 5.5, Speaking – 6, Listening – 6, Writing – 6.5 (Overall – 6). I felt totally frustrated and hopeless as I needed to get 6 in all of the tests for my PR application to Canada.

So, I booked the exam again and found ASIELTS. I took the IELTS Express course because I only had 3 weeks to prepare before the exam. It was an intensive preparation and the materials were very helpful. Ashok and Laxmi were always there to answer my questions and gave me tips on the things that I needed to develop. The speaking sessions were fun, enjoyable, and very reliable. Ashok is truly a great teacher, he’s friendly, kind, and his teaching approach is so effective.

Last night, I received a message from the British Council with my results:

Listening – 7 Reading – 9 Writing – 6.5 Speaking – 6.5 (Overall Band Score – 7.5)

I’ve exceeded my target band score!!! Thank you so much for your fantastic lessons and motivation! After the lessons, I became confident in my ability to reach my target and I did it!

If you’re planning to take the IELTS exam soon, I highly recommend you enrol in one of the courses of AS IELTS!


I would like to thank ASHOK and team for helping me out in my writing to increase my IELTS score from band 6 to 7. Without their support, it would have been nearly impossible to achieve the score.

I am really grateful to Laxmi who considered my request to review essays quickly as I just had 2 months to practice. I just followed the instructors given by the tutors and I was able to achieve the required results. Good luck to all!


I want to thank AS IELTS for helping me in my IELTS journey. I want to thank for his guidance and the feedback he gave for my speaking and writing. His analysis is 100 per cent true. He knows your weaknesses and strengths.

I first registered with ASIELTS in August 2019, but did not get the necessary scores, so I decided to give IELTS again in February 2020 and registered with AS IELTS a second time.

I couldn’t believe my own scores. L 8, R 7.5, W 6.5, S 6.5. I wanted these scores!!!

I registered for a comprehensive package which includes practice exercises and exams for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It also includes one-to-one mock speaking sessions. These practice exercises really helped me.

I would definitely recommend AS IELTS  to anyone who wants good scores in IELTS. Thank you once again.


Enrolling with A S IELTS was the best thing that I did for my preparation. All of the modules on the IELTS course were really useful and the toolkits as well.

I’d like to personally thank ASHOK for being so responsive to all of my questions regarding IELTS. I couldn’t have achieved my desired band scores if not for all these wonderful preparation materials.

My scores are: Listening 7.5, Writing 7, Reading 6.5, Speaking 7


I would like to share how much I’m grateful for the ONE TO ONE Speaking session that I’ve done through A S IELTS.

My score increased from 5.5 to 6.5 in Speaking. The tips and the guidance provided by the tutor ASHOK were really helpful and enhanced my performance during the test thus increasing my scores.

My final scores were as follows: L:7.5, R:6.5, W:6 and S:6.5. I totally recommend those sessions to ace your scores and to gain more confidence in yourself! Thank you!


I would like to thank all the team from A S IELTS for their wonderful work, dedication and professionalism. I am extremely happy for getting the scores that I needed in the IELTS exam the first time.

I really recommend A S IELTS  for future IELTS takers. The COMPREHENSIVE IELTS PACKAGE offered me a wide range of skills, preparing me for the exam in a few months. I am glad I have done this course and acquired the competencies needed to achieve the band required.

Thank you LAXMI, ASHOK  and the team members for your brilliant job, hints and tips. I will always be grateful for everything you did.


LAXMI is truly amazing. I really liked her feedback on my  IELTS course. It’s because of her that I could get scores like 8, 7.5 and 7 in speaking. Although the speaking score is totally dependent on the examiner, enrolling with  A S IELTS leaves no stone unturned and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help with their IELTS speaking.

Well, I am definitely going to enrol once more after a few years when I will be taking IELTS General.


Thanks to A S IELTS, I scored 6.0 in both writing and speaking tests on my first IELTS test (overall 6.5). They guided me from scratch on the WRITING & SPEAKING to reach the score higher than required in just two months. Their responses were always quick, with detailed assessment and advice, and warm encouragement.

Arun Kumar – Newzealand

Extremely happy with my 6.5 results after taking the IELTS complete course. This would not have been possible without the help of Ashok and the written correction by A S tutors Prabakaran and Sri ram. Thanks a lot, guys!